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Waste management & Recycling

The disposal of waste costs a lot of money, be it animal slurries, scrap timber or industrial process waste eg starch. This cost of disposal now makes it desirable to find methods of reducing the amount of waste which goes for disposal. Finding ways to use the waste to generate energy or reduce its quantity is the goal.

The management of waste breaks down into a number of related activities:

  • Minimising the generation of waste using a range of process engineering techniques and/or recycling
  • Efficient handling of unavoidable waste
  • Finding alternative uses for waste

eg Energy from Waste Biomass Power Stations

Anaerobic Digestion of highly Organic waste

Finding alternative uses for the end products

We have extensive experience of all of these areas from designing EFW Power plants, to Slurry aeration systems to accelerate aerobic digestion, to alternative uses.