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environmental consultants

Environmental Consultants

Experienced UK-based environmental consultants and multi-disciplinary professional engineers specialising in reducing the consumption of energy and water and reducing waste whilst preserving the environment.

Our directors and associates have developed their consultancy skills after having designed, installed and operated technologies in their sectors of expertise.
We use this combination of practical and theory to deliver impartial, honest advice to clients as they strive to make their enterprises sustainable.



Resource Efficiency


Building Services

Expert witness

We conduct extensive audits on industrial efficiency and apply process optimization techniques to reduce energy burdens. Our ESOS Lead Assessor has helped numerous large businesses achieve ESOS accreditation economically.

Our sustainability reports typically recommend adopting low-carbon energy sources to replace less efficient ones, ensuring long-term viability rather than relying solely on subsidies. Often, a combination of energy sources is needed, including some fossil fuels for rapid response in the short term.

Our Qualifications


Specialising in Health & Safety compliant procedures for biomass plants and have served as expert witnesses in incidents involving large biomass boilers.

We advise Northern Ireland Water on their energy reduction program and possess extensive knowledge of the water utility sector through direct experience.

You can see examples of our recent presentations here.

Our team of industry experts conducts research to inform policy and balances planning policies, renewable energy technologies, community interests, and the need to reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Operating throughout the UK and overseas, providing expert, impartial, and independent advice.

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