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Resource Efficiency

Element are a Lead Assessor under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) so we understand the process of collating information to quantify your entity’s total energy use, and the processes you can use to reduce your total energy use.

We cover all resources, electricity, oil, gas and water and have methodologies to suit each.

Electricity studies would include use for principally heating, lighting, refrigeration and cooling. A lighting survey would identify opportunities for low-energy lighting if not already adopted. This would also include the identification of opportunities to deploy renewable technologies.

Oil use is usually for heating and we would evaluate improvements or alternatives

Water studies will inevitably include a mass balance study to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of water usage with a view to reducing the quantity going to sewer as sewerage costs often make up the major part of water costs.

Gas studies will involve assessment of improvement opportunities.

We are happy to study any or all of the resources you consume.

We actively work with Facilities Management companies and Energy Service providers to help them assist their clients with optimising their resource usage.