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Renewable Energy

Anaerobic Digestion

A popular farm-based energy source but not easy to implement successfully. Choice of site, feedstocks, operating temperatures and a clear biogas usage strategy are essential, even before planning issues are overcome. Read More

Wind Power

Very widespread now, contentious too, but generating a considerable proportion of our energy needs. Element has steered many wind projects to success but this has been built on thorough planning, a good design and patience. Read More


Biomass schemes can vary from huge biomass power stations to domestic wood or pellet boilers but the same attention to detail is required to guarantee success, based on a complete understanding of biomass and how to integrate it into a system. Read More

Solar Thermal

Returns are not as good on this as they were but there is still a place for a well-thought scheme, usually in partnership with other energy sources. Read More

Solar PV

One of the most popular installed renewable energy sources, returns are good on this technology and it seems very durable with panels still performing after over 30 years use. The scheme must be well-sited and beware of deals that seem too good to be true. Read More

Hydro Power

Could Hydropower be the best long-term renewable energy investment? Some schemes have been running for hundreds of years. Hydro power will only perform if the site is right, where a combination of volume and head are required, along with a well-designed scheme to harness the site’s potential. Read More

Energy Storage Solutions

As energy storage development progresses we are starting to see a future of off-grid independent sustainability, but the economics are not there yet although for some locations with no grid alternatives they are now coming in to play. This is the fastest-developing area in the energy market. Read More

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a widely misunderstood technology where knowledge of expected Coefficients of Performance is crucial to ensure they are applied in suitable projects. They can play a very valuable role in converting your renewable energy electricity supply to contribute to your heating load but this needs to be designed in. Read More

No matter what renewable energy source you are considering, we have practical project experience from initial concept to successful operation.