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Review & Appraisal

Did the project go to plan?

When reviewing a project there are multiple questions that need to be asked:

Looking back at the original feasibility study, did the project meet the original expectations?

  • Did it produce the expected return on capital?
  • Did the costs over-run
  • Are the running costs higher than expected – if so why?
  • Did the technology perform to specifications?
  • Did it run into environmental issues?
  • Are there any compliance issues?
  • Did this add costs or delay the project?

And many more analyses may be required, depending on the result of the project.

The answers to these questions could lead to seeking compensation from manufacturers for under-performing equipment and/or contractors for execution failures.

In any case with our experience, we can act as an honest broker and help you.

Expert Witness

In the most extreme cases, where a project has clearly failed to meet expectations, you may need technical support to prove that a factor in the project was deficient and a party is culpable. While this is preferably avoided, we are available to assist when no other option remains.