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Concept clarified now check feasibility

You now know in principle what you want to create and what technologies you wish to implement but you don’t know if they will work from lots of different viewpoints:

  1. Will the project be acceptable from an environmental and planning perspective
  2. Will the project be financially viable and if so what is the likely payback on investment. (This will also take account of the cost of money depending on the funding sources and would need to identify likely subsidies and their sources)
  3. What will you have to do to qualify for the subsidies identified in 2.
  4. Technical details – manufacturer, specifications likely costs etc

Element will deliver a feasibility study that is appropriate for your project and we will break down the project into a series of separate steps through to completion, each one of which can be put out to tender to give you manageability.

For large projects, a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) may be required.