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RHI Inspection Tender update

Further to our original briefing, the original tender issued by the Department for the 100% inspection of boilers was clear in its purpose but the Department did not award a contract as a result of that tender. A new tender is likely to be issued.

It seems very likely that the department will pursue suspected misuse, ineligibility or failure to observe energy efficiency best practice within the Non Domestic scheme including excessive heat consumption or inappropriately made application e.g. predominantly domestic schemes.

In the context of energy efficiency, compliance with best practice is a stipulated RHI requirement and that is fundamentally demonstrated by specific energy use e.g.  energy use in relation to floor space (kWh/m2) or a similar benchmark. It does not take a great deal of imagination to see that excessive consumption would merit a much higher priority inspection and scrutiny and, indeed, it would be then ultimately the participants responsibility to prove their compliance and continued eligibility to the Department.

Perhaps obviously, as well as having a justifiable energy consumption, the participant will need to have a ‘clean’ installation in terms of the Ofgem application and actual installation to prove their compliance.

There is therefore a valuable window of opportunity. We continue to offer our previously explained service

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