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MSCPD – Medium Scale Combustion Plant Directive

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“To improve the quality of the air we breathe we need to tackle air pollution at source. With this directive we complete the regulatory framework for the emissions from the combustion sector. This is a key piece that was missing and that will help to significantly reduce the potential risks to human health and the environment”, said Latvian Minister Kaspars Gerhards, president of the Environment Council under Latvian presidency.


This is the basis of this directive which aims to ensure that combustion plants in the range 1MW to 50MW manage their emissions to improve air quality. There are an estimated 142,986 plants in the EU that will be covered by this directive so the impact on air quality will be very significant, particularly in areas where air quality is considered to be unacceptable and also where plants are obviously violating the guidelines.

What pollutants are considered:

Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. These are particular co-products of biomass combustion.

What will the process be?:

Step 1 : Registration – this process will be compulsory and gets your plant identified.

Step 2: Compliance – rendering the pollutant output of your to be lower than acceptable limits.

If successful:

Step 3: Certification

If unsuccessful

Step 4: Corrective action

If still failing:

Step 5 : Fines ?

Step 6: Shutdown?

What should you do?

Act now and ensure that you comply

We will help you audit your plant and advise you if you need to take corrective action.

Our extensive knowledge of all forms of combustion fuels and biomass in particular will allow us to help you find the most cost-effective way of ensuring that your plant will comply.

Undoubtedly there will be a rush to comply once the deadlines are live but why wait.



Directive   – This is the basic document setting out the principles
Annexes   – This explains data, such as emission limits etc