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The digestion of sewage and sludge for biogas generation

Pan European collaboration for bio power generation – Ali Nicol, Director, Element Consultants initiates pan European Academic collaboration

Energy costs for water treatment in Northern Ireland top £25 million p.a. Ensuring that NI is at the forefront of knowledge and understanding in allied water treatment technology is of vital importance. Alastair Nicol has initiated a lithuaniaukflagpan-European academic collaboration  for supporting and underwriting Invest Northern Ireland’s valuable programme within the wider water industry. The academic collaboration of universities and colleges from Northern Ireland and the ASU in Kaunas, Lithuania is an academic collusion that will see a wealth of academic, educational and agronomic research benefiting both countries. The basis of collaboration will focus on the digestion of sewage and sludge for biogas generation and grid injection.

“Having worked in industry for over 30 years the degree of waste never ceases to amaze me – But in my travels around the world I have frequently encountered individuals and organizations with innovation, vision and brilliance. Education affords civilization and academic collaboration I see as a fundamental. I am very pleased to have facilitated this new academic collaboration and will remain firmly engaged with the development and support of an ERASMUS programme.”    Alastair Nicol